warmth, flies and the colours of autumn…

Update 13.10.2014(10.10.2014)billn

This week in the côtes I have begun my attack on the 2013 whites – already some lovely wines to recommend. It’s also remained very unseasonably warm – almost 25°C. There was a measure of respite on Friday afternoon – the heavens opened – lots of rain!

But this week, people have been very busy with ‘decuvages’ – basically emptying their (red) fermentation tanks and literally digging out the solid mass of grape and stem residue in the bottom of their tanks. Hot and sticky work! There is also no respite yet from the season’s (drosophila) fruit flies – there are some suzukis about, but mainly it is the traditional European version…

The vineyards are taking on a beautiful colour right now, it’s a shame we had hardly any sun this week to make them more photogenic:

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