too soft? good! rain and comfy goats

Update 8.10.2014(7.10.2014)billn

Apparently this is a négoce wine from Arlaud – or maybe not – see Mark’s comment…

2012 Arlaud, Bourgogne ‘Oka’
Good, medium-deep colour. The nose is fresh but with a lovely bright and mainly red fruit nose note – it’s very inviting. In the mouth too there’s the same gorgeous fruit note – but – seemingly nothing else, just a fruit cordial impression. I should note that this wine came out of the fridge as we were enjoying 20°C+ temperatures. I decided to let it warm in the glass. Whilst still not very structured, the wine tightens up and certainly shows a little more grip as gets nearer to room temperature. The fruit remains lovely, quite unruffled by any fuss about serving temperature. A tasty-enough wine, but one that ultimately seemed a little facile.
Rebuy – Maybe

I also drank my last bottle of Maison Ilan 2010 Morey Chaffots; it was excellent, the reduction of youth largely now faded. I liked it very much. However, there seems to be too much of a circus surrounding this operation, so my very last bottle, the 2010 Morey Monts Luisants, will be consumed sometime in the next days/weeks…

After all my crowing about the beautiful weather in Burgundy, it seemed only fitting that I mention that today, it’s rained ‘on-and-off’ the whole day. Still a little warm for the time of year, but the colours are quickly becoming more and more autumnal.

It was sunny at the weekend though – in Emmental:

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. Mark de Morey7th October 2014 at 9:05 pmPermalinkReply

    Bill, thanks for the note on the Oka. I’m sipping one of David Clark’s (bless him) 2011 Morey Les Porroux at the mo and your closing description might almost apply to the Morey. I’ve really not been able to get on with DC’s 2011 CdNV but the Morey is easy, no problem 2011 elements for me at the mo, but its remarkably lacking in tannin. Its very pale indeed, very bright come hither polished looking, has a degree of grip, structure and liqourice elements over predominantly red, strawberry fruit but no tannin and no hard edges. Anyway, am still giggling at the goats photo, brilliant, but am posting on the Oka. Here, I fear I may have misled you, having been so myself. I did initially understand, being led to believe from the UK, that this was indeed negoce fruit. However, I casually mentioned this wine towards the close of the vendange and was told its actually from various different sited domaine BR plots on either side of Morey that aren’t Roncevie. A puzzle. I’ll try to confirm again precisely idc.

  2. Michael Warner9th October 2014 at 10:48 amPermalinkReply

    Hi Mark – just curious on your comment on DC’s 2011 CdNV… can you elaborate ? Is it a ladybird problem which I have started to see in various 2011’s, or something else ? stuck mine away in storage without tasting.

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