bart’s 2008 chambolle veroilles



I often have difficulty with young wines from Bart – too much CO2 or too much toasty oak. Here’s a wine that is slowly coming round to my palate – but it still needs a couple of years I think.

2008 Domaine Bart, Chambolle-Musigny Les Veroilles
A little more than medium colour. There’s still a little rubbery oak here – not very much Chambolle aroma – except for the last drops in the glass, which show a lovely acid-redcurrant note. After two hours it gives a slightly more toffeed expression. The texture is quite nice and the flavours play across the tongue in a very nice way – understated freshness for the vintage plus a faint oak flavour in the finish. Where this wine shows real interest is in its concentrated mid-palate fruit flavour. Nothing much of Chambolle to see yet, but maybe in a couple more years…
Rebuy – Maybe

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