returning to ‘normality’



Sunday was a special day for many Burgundians with a (rather large) party to celebrate 35 years together for Becky and Russell Hone and their Le Serbet business. Maybe there have never been so many Burgundians and honorary Burgundians enjoying a day together like this. It was a little like a Paulée, but with more camaraderie, joviality and less competition. It was just friends.

I cannot lie, however, Ibuprofen was required on Monday morning after the ‘continuation’ of the celebration at the Bar du Square on Sunday evening!

Monday kicked-off well too, with visits to Grivot, Mugnier, Dr.Mugneret-Gibourg and Denis Bachelet. Today I’m trying to return to the keyboard as there have been so many distractions the last two weeks! Hopefully more of the same tomorrow, before attacking the Mâconnais on Thursday.


Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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