an easter weekend in beaune…

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A taste of Beaune market…

Friday, back in Beaune from Chablis – the weather had turned cooler and cloudier. An abortive attempt to go to Dilletantes in the evening – was on holiday until 24th – followed by an abortive attempt to eat something at Maison de Colombier – it was already full – so, luckily, found a place in Bar du Square! I say luckily, because you never know if is going to be open!

Saturday, sunny but a cold wind. I met the new aussie-powered coffee-machine in the Saturday market, plus another aussie, Andrew Neilsen and finally Matt the Canadian winemaker who works with Nicky Potel. In the afternoon it was to the ‘open-doors’ tastings in Monthèlie. I have to say, it was a bit cold, there weren’t so many ‘open-caves’ and the overall quality (on show) wasn’t brilliant. Actually the best wines were at the first visit – Château de Monthèlie – a long, slow (sometimes painful) diminuendo followed! Fortunately, the evening was on another level!

Early to Maison de Colombier – pole position, at the bar! Here you can watch the chef prepare what you’re about to eat, and the bottle of Coche-Dury 2010 Pommard Vaumuriens was simply a lovely sleek, direct and very tasty thing – a great evening.

Sunday, Easter Eggs, of-course from Bouché of Beaune. Yum! A walk of the ramparts – today in the sun and without the cold wind – followed by a trip to Maranges for their weekend of ‘open doors’! Many more producers showing wines, food, bands, lots of people in Dezize (where everything was happening) and the average wine quality was much higher than in Monthèlie – both surprisingly and on reflection sadly – but c’est la vie. In a way, it was quite surreal – Dezize has speakers dotted around the village, a quiet, calm, indeed half dead village (in places) yet with canned music blaring form speakers on most corners. It made me think of North Korea – except that instead of martial music, we had Gorillaz. Lovely day!

A taste of Gorillaz-free, Maranges…

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