an early start in the côtes…

Update 8.1.2014(6.1.2014)billn

Working on tomorrow’s apéro…

Back to Côte d’Or today, and what a beautiful, almost clichéd, landscape – one to warm my heart: By late-morning the sun managed to break through the cloud, bathing the vines and pruning-vineyard-workers in warm sunlight but the remnant of that cloud was a lovely backdrop – it was just so photogenic. A shame then that I only had time for appointments before lunch! Don’t forget, we are in France, everything stops for lunch – well, as it turns out, today (at least) only in theory – almost everything in Beaune is closed. Even Athenaeum is closed until Wednesday!

The rivers and streams are running brown and quickly as there’s been plenty of rain in the last couple of weeks – when it wasn’t minus °C, anyway… There’s a little standing water at the bottom of some slopes, but generally things look fine. By 15:30 we are cloudy again and by 16:00 there are drops of rain – but that’s about the most of it. I caught the last hour of light with a jog through the vines of Beaune and Pommard, then back to the apartment – busy day tomorrow, as you’ve probably noted 😉

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