burgundy 2013 harvest – monday 7th october…


I know that Dujac were bringing in their Gevrey-Combottes and Bonnes-Mares today, and saw Bonneau du Martray bringing in their pinot noir yesterday – we had originally planned no grapes in the morning, but given the optimistic weather forecast at the weekend, even the afternoon’s grapes were put back one day – now the forecast is steadily colder and maybe sleet on Thursday / Friday – oops!

We have very busy days Tuesday-Thursday – hopefully we will get it all done – but with some late nights I expect! Today we tasted the 2012s in the cellar and made a tour of some still to be picked appellations.

No grapes meant I could take stock of what we have in the cuverie so-far: The maturities of both colours are quite decent, with 0.5-1.0° more potential alcohol than the 2011s, and the pHs seem in a good place with about 3.15-3.3 to be seen and a good (normal!) balance of tartaric and malic acid, colour seems to be extracting quite easily from the reds too. Of-course all of this is pre-fermentation, only after the fermentations can we say a little more – remember nobody got as excited as I did about 2010, until after the fermentations…

For fauna followers, there has been virtually nothing to report so-far; two snails, two caterpillars, two stink bugs and a (dead) wasp on the triage table – nothing else except a few displaced ants on my legs!

Lunch was a 2012 Chablis Bougros and Cathiards 1997 Malconsorts – I’m sure that we’ll find something for tonight too – we will need sustenance for the next 3+ days!

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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