remi jobard 2011 bourgogne aligoté



I really don’t remember what I paid for this – it was part of a mixed-bottle order – but I assume that it wasn’t particularly expensive, so, I clearly didn’t buy enough, and I’m sure the fact that it was 33°C outside didn’t sway my verdict one bit! I hope there’s some left at the merchant, but preferably with better corks – seldom have I seen a cork with so many creases and lenticels – the moment it was extracted I thought the wine would be bad, but what do I know!? 😉

2011 Remi Jobard, Bourgogne Aligoté
Medium-pale lemon yellow. The nose starts with a hint of savouriness, but that doesn’t hang around long – what’s left for the longer term, is a waxy yellow lemon aroma. Direct from the fridge this is just glorious – perhaps a faint hint of CO2, but more-so, it has a lovely acidity that you ride into the citrus mid-palate that then expands further with mouth-watering fruit flavours dripping from your gums – rather decent intensity too I would say! On a day like today, a dream-wine despite its modest price.
Rebuy – Yes

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