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I only started with three of these, and last year I opened two, within a few weeks of each other, and both were corked. I came across this lonesome bottle the other day and thought to myself – ‘what’s the point of it taking up space if it’s also going to be corked(?)’ Of-course the wine gods play tricks on you, don’t they…

2003 Fourrier, Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Combe aux Moines
The tell-tale small bubbles of CO2 in the neck, as the cork slid out, told me that this would need a shake or decanting, but of more immediate concern, how did the cork smell? Hmm… it smelled of sweet fruit – excellent, we are in business! The first pour was indeed a bit like cola and smelled a little reduced too, so time for the ceremonial half-dozen shakes! I came back 20 minutes later to find a more than interesting wine. The colour is still more than medium and whilst there are no-longer the purples of youth, there is no amber either. The reduction has now left, and the nose seems to have the first hints of leafy development, though this moves into the background as a warm, but polished, dark cherry note comes to the fore with a faint whiff of prune too. There is lovely acidity here which helps wrap the silky wine around your tongue. The mid-palate is sweet and has good density of fruit, the finish is modest but interesting. As time wears on, the wine becomes fatter and the fruit begins to reflect the prunes of the nose. It is a tasty, and easy drink, but I have a preference for prunes on a plate not in my glass – drink it faster than me and you may not notice!
Rebuy – Maybe

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  1. Tom Blach2nd July 2013 at 12:25 pmPermalinkReply

    Thanks Bill, it sounds like it needs a long time yet. I remember tasting it from the barrel, it seemed astonishing.

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