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Hmm, it seems that time passed too fast for typing…

Since that rather lovely 1997 Rion NSG, I opened another ’97 – Bouchard Père’s Le Corton – aromatically as interesting as the Rion, and though it was more concentrated than the Nuits, it was far less generous. Tasty enough, though some way from maturing. Then yesterday was a 2009 Hautes Côtes de Beaune (Blanc) from Edmond Monnot: Full, reasonably rich but with enough acidity to balance – brilliant value but still only ‘maybe’ rebuy. And today? Well it’s a while since I looked at one of these…

2005 Antonin Guyon, Chambolle-Musigny Clos du Village
This starts gorgeously wide and even with a bit of more northerly spice, and perhaps there’s a hint of reduction/oak too – but it lasts only 15 minutes – so probably reduction. Eventually this narrows and shows a more herbal red fruit – still, it’s quite nice. Big, round, with plenty of acid/tannin (soft) structure – this is has a beautiful intensity of flavour. In the context of the vintage, and perhaps the best village of the vintage, this is quite good – in the context of an average vintage, this is fabulous. Plenty of structure didn’t slow down it’s disappearance!
Rebuy – Yes

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