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Update 15.1.2013(14.1.2013)billn

Like two ships passing, by some fluke, there was a space in my agenda on Friday, at exactly the same time one appeared in Ray Walker’s.

Ray’s 2011s seemed excellent to me, though who knows how long you will have to wait to take delivery; citing the slow malos, Ray still has his 2010 Gevrey Les Corbeaux in barrel – I’m still waiting on that one myself 😉

Most interesting for me was our chat: My general impression is that Ray might have gone with the flow a little in 2009, it was after-all his first vintage, but piece by piece and operation by operation he seems to have taken a more considered view on whether ‘tradition’ makes sense to him or not. And he’s done so with the freshness of eyes that can come only from somebody new to the game.

  • Topping-up – forget it, he uses marbles to keep the levels in his barrels.
  • New Oak – who needs oak flavours? Not Ray.
  • Chaptalisation? Forget it. One of Ray’s 2011 Moreys is down at 11.2 alcohol – can you tell? Whatever ‘received wisdom’ suggests, no you can’t, it’s a lovely wine.
  • Does he need critics to come and taste his wines – no he doesn’t.

Ray’s also pretty much finished the manuscript for his new book, so who knows what he’ll have time for next!

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. Wild Bill NV18th January 2013 at 3:19 amPermalinkReply

    Dear Bill:
    Are those food grade marbles? Or just plain glass. Pbsilicate! Tisk! Tisk!

    Wild Bill

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