le grappin 2011 savigny

Update 15.1.2013(8.1.2013)billn

2011 Le Grappin, Savigny-lès-Beaune
The tight-fitting DIAM 5 only slowly lets loose its grip on the neck. The colour is medium-plus red, hovering around purple at the rim. On the nose there’s a clear P2 but it is sufficiently nested in the overall aromas that it is more of a smudge than a stain. In the mouth this starts rather rumbustious – it’s really going in all directions – I’ll let it rest a while. Forty minutes later the nose plumbs new, almost textured depths, and its behaviour has improved in the mouth: Really, really good extension and dimension of flavour here. There is a decent base of acidity – and tannin too – not many from 2011 can say that. Even for me this is, of-course, too young – I’ll wait at least 6 months before returning. At this level of P I’m more than happy to return, so let’s hope it stays that way. For a 2011, a villages at that, it’s a beaut, it’s also one of those very rare 2011s that can turn your tongue blue!
Rebuy – Maybe

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