michel juillot 1990 corton-perrières

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1990 Michel Juillot, Corton-Perrières
Medium, medium-plus colour at the core, lightening towards the rim. The fruit on the nose has a baked impression that seems a bit unruly if you swirl but has a nice florality if you you’re less energetic! After an hour-or-so, the nose becomes a little brighter and spicier – it’s quite engaging! On the palate there’s a depth of flavour and good intensity too. I like the general balance but it’s best not to search out the tannins, because if you find them there’s a little astringency and bitterness to them – drink normally and you’ll hardly notice. The finish is reasonably long and quite subtle. Tasty enough wine but with the combination of ‘grand cru’ and 1990, you (I) would be forgiven for expecting a little more.
Rebuy – Maybe

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