‘Super-Jacques’ plus something beige…


“I’m not after technical perfection. I don’t have much time for the Australian approach, where the ideal wine is the most neutral. It’s easy to clean up a wine, but by removing faults, unless they’re truly detrimental, you also remove its life. I understand the impulse oenologists have for the cleanest wines possible, but I refuse to go along with it. A wine’s magic doesn’t derive from its technical perfection, and I want to preserve the magic, even though not everyone who tastes the wine will perceive it. Good Burgundies are dynamic wines that make you think and reflect as you drink them. For me that’s all positive.”
Jacques Lardière

If I’m honest, I don’t have that much time for Decanter. That said, more brilliant stuff like this interview of Jacques Lardière by Stephen Brook, and I believe I could be persuaded otherwise – but you try finding this article from their homepage!


Another 2009 Bourgogne from Alex – and either it’s the last one or I’ve hidden the others under too many competing bottles – either way, I’m not that fussed! The thing is, after the personality of his 2006-2008 Bourgognes, this comes across a little ‘beige’. That said, it’s probably already time to get aquainted with the 2010!

2009 Alex Gambal, Bourgogne Chardonnay
Nice enough, balanced enough, concentrated enough. It misses a single but rather important virtue – personality.
Rebuy – Maybe

Oh! And just when you thought you had everything! It doesn’t seem to be trending yet! 😉

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