harvest: september 24th

Update 25.9.2012(24.9.2012)billn

There was a lot of rain overnight, fortunately the daytime was drier. The morning was punctuated by some heavy bursts, but only for 10-15 minutes at time – p.m. was mainly dry.

Our first grapes of the day were from the Santenay 1er of La Comme – quite a bit of triage needed here – hailed berries, botrytis, etc. – about a 2007 level of triage rather than (worse) 2004, our team boss said these were the worst grapes of the vintage so far. Next-up was Vosne villages: the old vines have produced clean, lovely millerandes (like every year), only the younger vines had fatter berries and needed a little more triage – a decent percentage of perfect clusters were used for the cuvée. Then Beaune Les Avaux – always fat berries from this vineyard ‘selection’ but again a relatively easy triage – overall everything seems to have very good ripeness this year, it is mainly some ‘second-set’ bunches that are being discarded as unripe, unlike last year where most of the triage was for removing unripe clusters.

And lunch?
1987 Corton-Charlemagne
2000 St.Aubin 1er Pitangerets
2004 Aloxe 1er Les Guerets
2007 Gevrey 1er Les Cazetiers

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