clerget 1997 meursault chevalières

Update 3.9.2012(2.9.2012)billn

This wine was a great match to a steaming plate of curry! Although the colour looked quite light through the bottle-glass, it was concerningly deep in the glass – yet, in the end, the colour was an indicator of, well, nothing in particular. A very enjoyable bottle!

1997 Yvon Clerget, Meursault Chevalières
Quite a deep golden colour. The nose has a faint nutty sweetness, a little crystallised lemon too. Quite fresh and direct with a typical Chevalières minerality that also remains the dominant note in the finish. There’s almost a sorbet-like aspect to this wine – lemon, like the nose with good intensity too – and I have to say that I’m enjoying it very much.
Rebuy – Yes

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