late frosts in the côte de beaune


The sneaky, late frost has caused some damage yesterday and today in Santenay and also in Chassagne – there may be others too. About 15-20% of Chassagne Boudriotte (in Morgeot) is damaged, but most other parts seem to have avoided trouble.

The pictures (below) were taken by Caroline l’Estimé in “Les Pierres” which is a lieux-dit within the Chassagne-Montrachet villages appellation.

Yesterday morning frost hit the coldiest part of Chassagne-Montrachet. The vines touched by it are located in the lowest side of the appellation and inside particular climate phenomenon (close to a wall, in humid sector…). The pictured leaves are dead due to the frost, next the branches will dry and fall off. Perhaps some new growth appear, but in terms of harvest there will be none from these vines.
Caroline l’Estimé, 18th May 2012

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