camille giroud 2003 bourgogne pinot noir

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A couple of bottles of the Gilles Bouton 2010 St.Aubins were consumed during the warm weekend, but here’s a wine that I haven’t had a note on for a while…

2003 Camille Giroud, Bourgogne Pinot Noir
Some of these bottles are on the way down – not due to the wine itself, but due to a bottling machine that forced the corks into the neck, in the process causing the cork to crease slightly and leave a channel for air. Those bottles taste old and should be drunk-up forthwith. This is a different wine – a wine with deep colours and deep aromas – certainly quite ripe but also with flashes of redder fruit and hints of flowers. In the mouth this is smooth and round, some of the flavours recall dried cranberry and raisin fruit – other times you have a much fresher impression – certainly the wine is adequately balanced by its acidity. This is just a lovely drink, easily of a villages (or better) stature; I think I have one more bottle left from the original 12 – two recent bottles were duds – I hope that total doesn’t rise.
Rebuy – Yes

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