a few of pascal marchand’s 2010s


Tasted Monday evening with Pascal and courtesy of www.realwines.ch (a really eclectic range of wines). The majority of these wines have been assembled in tank for the last two or three weeks, awaiting their turn for bottling – the exceptions are noted. The two whites were bottled two weeks ago. Pascal certainly has his own signature on the reds; fine bone china structure and plenty of oak-derived flavours padding out the palates. The oak can be a bit distracting but it certainly doesn’t leave a bad taste in the mouth – and of-course it will fade.
I have to say – Bravo!

2009 Pascal Marchand, Bourgogne Pinot Noir ‘Avalon’
Obviously bottled for some time! The nose seems rather mineral but with a clear waft of pinot perfume too. The flavours are wide, and, perhaps relatively light but everything is supported by an understated and supple tannin. The flavour slowly grows, filling all the nooks and crannies in your mouth. Very tasty wine!

2010 Pascal Marchand, Bourgogne Pinot Noir ‘Avalon’
This 2010 is a blend of Savigny, Chassagne (even some 1er cru), Pernand, Monthélie, Côte de Nuits Villages and even Morey!
Again quite elegantly proportioned, though there’s clearly an extra structural buffer. I just love the additional clarity and precision on display here – lovely wine.

2010 Pascal Marchand, Chambolle-Musigny
A lovely nose with a waxy impression and aromatic depth – very fine and pretty. The flavours are mineral and elegant – structure like fine bone china. There’s a little coconut oak in the finish – I’d be looking for that to fade, but this is a little beauty.

2010 Pascal Marchand, Morey St.Denis En la Rue de Vergy
The nose offers up a depth of creamed red fruit, darker than the Chambolle but also rather refined. The acidity is a little more obvious but it’s cemented to good intensity, smooth tannin and a mineral length. Love it!

2010 Pascal Marchand, Volnay 1er
A blend of Angles and Champans which is already bottled.
I love the high-toned fruit aromas, but there are also some quite obvious barrel notes padding out the ‘whole’ – they need to fade a bit. There is more tannin than any of the previous wines, but the flavour is also much longer. Currently it’s a shade less elegant than the previous wines, but it has more of everything and has only just been assembled in tank so that might be playing a role.

2010 Pascal Marchand, Corton
I stocked up on the 2008 when there was just 1 barrel, this time there’s 3
The nose has a wonderful depth, certainly quite the cuisinière though with coffee, chocolate, hints of coconut – fortunately I also find fruit. As the previous wines, Pascal has delivered a super-fine structure that delivers excellence without sacrificing intensity of flavour. Gorgeous clarity and super length.

2010 Pascal Marchand, Echézeaux
Just two barrels this time.
Here the nose is more obviously complex – a clear Vosne vernacular – but for all that it’s less precise and focused than the Corton – but with width and depth, a wine of scale. In the mouth it’s rounder, more visible tannin than the Corton but like all these wines the structure shows restraint even though there’s a faint hint of ‘grab’. Super.

2010 Pascal Marchand, Clos de Vougeot
The nose here gives the impression of a bit more muscle and in shape shows more width than depth. Clearly another level of structure on the palate, but those tannins are polished and the flavour is more overtly mineral than fruity. Impressive stuff – the last drops in the glass now show a super-classy red berry note. Despite the polish, proper CV!

2010 Pascal Marchand, Meursault
Just 2 weeks in bottle
Wide, pungent aromas. The texture is padded but very well balanced and supports plenty of mid-palate flavour that follows through perfectly into the finish too. Excellent villages and less overtly oak flavoured than the reds.

2010 Pascal Marchand, Chassagne-Montrachet 1et La Grande Ruchotte
Very different aromas – more depth and with a ripe fruit note at the core. The flavours are far more mineral than the Meursault, texturally this is more about silk than padding. Slowly growing mid-palate flavour eventually shows some creamy inflections in the finish. Yum.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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