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After the Maison Potel, here’s something made from riper fruit and certainly more concentration. Sylvain thinks so much of this plot that he only calls it ‘Le Chapitre’ – jamais Bourgogne! This is much more backward than Nicolas’s current wine from Bellene. Drink the Bellene, sell the Potel and cellar the Pataille!!!

2009 Sylvain Pataille, Bourgogne Le Chapitre
Medium-plus colour. The nose is hard to love at the start – it seems more like cola than wine – with time the cola slowly transforms to a musky, smoky, creamy red-black, almost blue fruit. Good concentration, plenty of freshness too. This wine is almost textured from the tannin but there’s hardly any astringency. Surprisingly (after the nose) this is far from the easy and sweet vernacular of 2009, it is a serious wine and I wouldn’t touch another for at least three years.
Rebuy – Yes

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  1. Mark Gough2nd March 2012 at 8:43 amPermalinkReply

    Ah, excellent (en francais) !

    Glad I left mine in storage then – very happy to forget for a few years. Sounds like a ‘proper’ wine and and ‘a cut above’ some other Bourgogne’s – if its to be regarded as a Bourgogne !

    Thought you might have given us as a side by side with the 08 but guess you want to ‘ration’ the BRD entries. Looking forward to 😉

    The 2010 Le Chapitre wasn’t ‘half bad’ when tasted EP either – but come to that all Sylvain’s 2010’s were very impressive for me. As with some others of the current younger generation e.g Alexandrine Roy, I’d love to see him let loose with other terroirs e.g premier & grand cru in ‘fashionable’ villages .

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