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Update 9.2.2012(8.2.2012)billn

More comment (grist) to the mill.

Hopefully these will be last words from me for a while on this carbuncle on the face of an old friend…

Yes Spectrum did indeed fire out some hastily written words about their amazing quality control, they are even prepared to take into consideration intervention from the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti – or words to that effect. And to such extent that midday on Wednesday they had pulled a dozen lots out of the sale. Bizarrely others which seemed similar, remained in the sale – rightly or wrongly the wines of other producers were never questioned.

Then of-course came the sale itself with multiple lots suddenly withdrawn, including the de Vogüé, apparently at the request of the domaine – it’s unlikely we will get to the bottom what should not have been sold here, but at least there is some optical impression of ‘the right thing’ being done – yet you are still left with the feeling that the whole thing was done in a begrudging way, and without explanation. Let’s be realistic though, whether it was ‘the right thing’, or ‘the wrong thing’, I bet legal-eagles were earning a tasty sum to come up with the chosen strategy. Business is business, and perhaps we cannot now complain that the sale was not ‘legit’, but everyone observing this seems to be left with a certain taste in the mouth, i.e. that if Don Cornwell (in particular), Jancis Robinson etc., had kept quiet, and several people (including myself) hadn’t contacted DRC and C&B (amongst others), everything would have been sold ‘as seen’.

To lighten the atmosphere surrounding this subject (a little) I offer you a selection of the sequential tweets of twitterer @Pigeage, who somehow avoided being kicked out of the sale!

– Oh, and no one here has heard of this Rudy fellow…
– Yikes, just spoke to Kevin of #Spectrum re provenance and got blanked! He’s now talking to security #beenthrownoutofworsepartys
– I’m in the room! Lots of cashed up punters keen to bid. It seems #winebeserkers and JR don’t hold much sway here. #ifonlytheyknew
– Keep that paddle down boy!
– Lots 67-74 withdrawn, no mention of why
– Lot 15 very suspicious mag of La Tache goes for £9,500 on estimate of £12,000 quelle horreur!
– Lot 37 7bt of 1990 RC goes for £47.5k on an estimate of £50k, date labels stamped when should be printed…allegedly…
– Lot 41 1990 RC goes for £10k on £15k est! Oh wait, funny label, dodgy stamp, oops #fakingit
– Lots 62-74 withdrawn on “very good advice”. So no shady DRC Montrachet then. Good advice indeed.
– What’s that, another glass of Champagne? Don’t mind if I do…
– Room emptying rapidly. A rich fart perhaps.

You get the impression 😉

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. Fred Schilling3rd March 2012 at 5:53 amPermalinkReply

    Magic stuff. If you are going to be a Twit then this is what it should be used for.

    Thanks, Bill and @Pigeage

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