robert arnoux 1997 vosne-romanée 1er les reignots

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1997 Robert Arnoux, Vosne-Romanée 1er Les Reignots
The nose starts broad and faintly of dark oak – slowly a pungent, dark, coconut cream begins to fill the glass, only very slowly are the granular, spicy notes one expects of Vosne to be found. In the glass this starts with a silky texture and a slightly bright though smooth acidity – which is the main component through the centre of the wine and into it’s finish. As the wine warms in the glass the finish first pads out with some of the dark flavours that match the nose. Over three hours this wine remains steady as a rock; acid led but not too much, with a freshness and stance that belies the vintage. I would say this is still very-much young and primary, it is certainly excellent in the context of the vintage.
Rebuy – Yes

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  1. Mark Gough23rd December 2011 at 7:57 amPermalinkReply

    Thanks for the note Bill, sounds excellent indeed. I don’t know the Arnoux wines at all but what interests me here is that it’s a ’97. I’ve drunk several ’97’s this year (red and white), all much enjoyed. My current faves are Roumier’s Morey PC ‘Busssiere’ (think I might stand one of these up for Xmas / Boxing Day) and Engel’s Vosne PC ‘Les Brulees’. Of the two for me the Morey is way the younger in terms of characteristics.

  2. emmental29th December 2011 at 5:42 pmPermalinkReply

    Funny, the other day I’ve opened as well a Vosne ’97 – Cros Parantoux of Emmanuel Rouget. It was in excellent shape: dark flavours, silky, harmonious texture, long, if anything to be critizised – the structure could be a tad more precise, but then its the vintage! A hedonistic wine – the right thing for the end of the year!

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