antonin guyon 2008 chambolle le cras



Ooh – it seems like ages since I had a 2008 – it must be over a week, maybe even two! Let’s put that right.

Here’s a Chambolle Les Cras, but this ‘domaine’ wine is actually a villages Les Cras, in this case from Antonin Guyon.

2008 Antonin Guyon, Chambolle-Musigny Les Cras
Medium, medium-plus colour. Forward red fruit notes that have a hint of sour about them – they make me think of rhubarb – lucky I like rhubarb! In the mouth this is very smooth and it pulls you into the mid-palate with plenty of (equally smooth) acidity – but I expect this could become a bit screechy in 2-3 years as the sweet fat of the fruit shrinks. There is quite some intensity and even a little extra dimension in the mid-palate, though to be fair, it’s mainly acid-led intensity. The last flavours of the mid-palate have a little bitter-chocolate about them but I think they are mainly the result of a hint of toasty oak blended with a bit of borderline ripe fruit. I have to say that I’m enjoying this wine, but I really do think that the enjoyment could be transient – say 18-or-so months worth.
Rebuy – Maybe

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