aoc beaujolais – still a bit of a mess…

Update 6.10.2011(5.10.2011)billn

Although Beaujolais producers have had the right label their wines Burgundy since 1937, it has long been a source of dispute between the two regions. Burgundy wine makers have been campaigning for tighter restrictions, particularly with the production of white wine.
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BUrgundy and Beajolais continue their legal separation: Beaujolais (the former ‘Rhone’ part) has not counted as a ‘part’ of Burgundy for a couple of years now; yet the confusion continues. If they wanted a halfway-house, then why not (only) Bourgogne-Gamay(?) Of-course it works for the reds, but then there is still the problem of the whites…

Essentially, the solution is simple; Beaujolais is part of Burgundy so can use the label Bourgogne X, or it is not part of Burgundy so will have to use the label Beaujolais X.

Naturally enough, the ‘simple’ approach trashes generations of use and could impact the livelihood of some producers – either way, I still feel it a better approach that the current ‘intermediate’ (indeterminate!) approach.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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