david clark 2009 bourgogne au pelson…


2009 David Clark, Bourgogne Au Pelson
Does my nose deceive me? This smells of stems – not entirely smoky, more the slightly herbaceous version – it’s better if you keep it below 18°C. Very good freshness, intensity and length too but the flavour although there is some sweetness also has a borderline ripeness about it. The finish is very good. Although I don’t find stems ‘criminal’, this wine is far from it’s drinking peak today – based on my experience of other stemmy cuvées (I’m assuming that there really are stems within) this will have a great perfume, but only from 2014…
Rebuy – Maybe

Note: I checked David’s website, and this wine was actually 100% whole cluster. Just give it time…

And bringing you all the news that is the news, it is Burgundy Report corporate policy not to recommend cider

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