gilles bouton 2009 st.aubin 1er la chatenière

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2009 Gilles Bouton, St.Aubin 1er La Chatenière
Medium, medium-pale lemon yellow. A very pretty, slightly waxy aroma with a equally pretty sweet yellow fruit with just the occasional sensation of sulfur. Across the tongue there is a mineral flavour and just enough acidity. There’s not the greatest of intensity and frankly I’d like a hint more acidity, but it’s quite well balanced and finishes very nicely. No fireworks, rather understated competence. This is the price of many a bourgogne so hard to complain. In the end this and one other bottle from the case were about the same – all the others were much finer.
Rebuy – Maybe (most other bottles I’d rebuy instantly)

I should note that this has been in bottle for only a few weeks – hopefully bottle two will be a tighter affair.

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