arnaud ente 2007 aligoté

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Another achingly pretty bottle that sports a thick blue wax coating for a capsule – that’s two this week! Of-course the wax is a pain in the proverbial for clean removal, but for the hours, days, weeks, months, years you keep the bottle, it will make you feel good just by taking a look! Apparently one of 1,812 bottles, so that’ll be 6 normal sized barrels – assuming it spent any time in barrels – it should have done, it’s far from a cheap bottle (in the uk!) – I read that 600 litre barrels may be in use…

2007 Arnaud Ente, Bourgogne Aligoté
Medium lemon-yellow colour. The nose has a little of that aligoté savouriness and quite some depth to it’s concentrated core of fruit. I sense CO2 on the palate – I’ll let it aerate a little. Hmm, returning I have the aromatic impression of walking through tall, golden late summer grass plus a hint of cream. Lovely acid balance brings freshness but nothing tart, Clean, very pretty, laser-like flavours that include an occasional flash of cream that then quickly fall-away before holding onto an understated note, A very accomplished wine, regardles of grape!
Rebuy – Yes

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