jean chauvenet 2008 nuits 1er les perrières

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The tasting I had at the domaine last week was a resounding success – a very fine selection from 2008, but it’s often interesting to compare your notes with a bottle at home. I loved the Perrières best, despite the Vaucrains being the ‘top wine’ (most expensive) in the cellar, so bought half a dozen.

2008 Jean Chauvenet, Nuits St.Georges 1er Les Perrières
Bigger glass, more aeration; yet the fruit holds onto a creamy-vanilla coating which I don’t remember being so obvious back in Nuits in the (11°!) cellar. The fruit, however, is a summer pudding of black and to a lesser extent red berries and is quite captivating. Plenty of acidity which turns into real intensity in the mid-palate and towards the finish – plenty more of that summer-pudding fruit flavour as go into the finish. There is just enough concentration of sweet-sour fruit to avoid the acidity taking over. You really have to search out the tannin; I cool it down in the fridge and there’s that glossy dark fruit impression that I noted in Nuits – at least it’s the same wine then! Intense, even a bit cerebral – I love this wine.
Rebuy – Yes

And my note from the cellar(?) Well I suppose it could be the same wine – a bigger glass and moving from 11° to 16-18° really can make a big difference (excuses, excuses!)

2008 Jean Chauvenet, Nuits St.Georges 1er Les Perrières
Deep colour. Lovely deep dark aromas to match, almost textured with a faint dark chocolate. Wide with lovely, lithe dark fruit and some velvet tannin in the background. Slowly lingering finish. Bravo.

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