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Been busy the last days but there’s still chance to look back at a few bottles, all of them showing their vintage roots. The Morey has the ripeness of the vintage but the acidity is good enough – I didn’t think the remnants of day two as good though. The Liger-Belair also bears the mark of its vintage, but that’s a different mark. Left open overnight, I was able to drink it on day two. The Corton, despite its 1997 vintage, still has that tight central core that is equally central to the wines of the hill, you could probably guess the vintage from the slightly diffuse chocolatey aromatics but there’s still enough material in the mouth to make old bones.

A couple of stories worth passing your way on a Sunday:

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      Well if you right click on my link Julian, there’s none of that source=rss, but it’s mainly correct.

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