false bottles and good chocolate…


Actually the two are not connected.

Back from holidays (I might later add a few photos) and hopefully getting around to opening a bottle or two this week. A nice ‘find’ while away was ‘Hotel Chocolate’ and their 65% dark, 120 hour conch Saint Lucia chocolate – mmmmmmmm…
It finished a little dry but was mighty fine. There was even a ‘tasting note’ on the wrapper:

A quick and intense flavour burst slowly opens up to reveal multilayered notes of raisins, figs, oaked wine, tobacco, honey and grapefruit.

Ah, adjectivists, not structuralists then!

A good read from Slate is the latest installment on the falsification of bottles. I have the impression that it makes a meal of the early connection of one RMP to the (alleged!) fraudsters, but then it might not be such an exciting story if ‘omitted’.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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