marsannay fat heads – take 2 – plus a gsh moment…


gsh-me-and-the-devilClearly this wine didn’t meet expectation. But another half bottle plucked from the cellar tonight shows no beef, no brett and certainly no volatile acidity – hooray!

Clearly given the last bottle’s performance I shouldn’t consider leaving them forever, but this was young, bright and pretty.

Music – I don’t think I ever said much about music – it’s just too personal isn’t it(?) Yet, whether Peter and the Wolf, Peter Gabriel or Peter, Paul & Mary, music can inflame the emotions more than a 100 point sip (joke). For about a week now I’ve been inseperable from this. The first three minutes is a brilliant rendering (rending?) of a very old song, the last 90 seconds is heart-rending. This comes close too. Neither could be described as uplifting, but Gil – wherever you have been for the last years, welcome back…
(PS forget I ever mentioned Peter, Paul & Mary…)

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