a break from the winter…


It was clearly the first day of Spring today, maybe not according to the calendar but according to the warmth and for the first time this year the smell of tree blossom – today it is then!!!

Maybe during my lunchtime run I was smelling the blossom a little too much – the result, a broken bone in my hand – you hit the ground pretty fast when you trip, particularly if you’re running. Winded, with (now) nicely developing bruises to the knee. elbow and shoulder, I suppose I should be happy; happy that I didn’t end up one metre to the left – in the Rhein.

It seems, according to the ‘impressed’ doctor that I have a very unusual fracture that will probably need surgery – he was sad that his colleague wasn’t around to take a look. I hope that won’t interfere with my 4 days in Burgundy next week! Anyway my (3 or 4 fingered) typing is far from disadvantaged, I can’t say the same for my mouse-skills though – oh-well!

Anyway, I plan to celebrate my first official broken bone (well there was the skiing incident in 1981, but a nose is only cartilage right(?)), together with the first day of Spring with a bottle of Armand Rousseau’s 97 Clos de la Roche 🙂

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. Gregg Ushiroda18th March 2010 at 7:26 pmPermalinkReply

    A very nice way to celebrate a broken bone indeed. Here’s to your speedy recovery. Aloha, Gregg

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