2005 françoise et denis clair st.aubin 1er dents de chien

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I usually found this wine to be a little ‘soft-focus’ versus (for instance) the Gambal version, but it was aways keenly priced. Recent bottlings have taken a significant upward route for pricing. The wine will have to have improved to warrant the extra outlay, but here at least, the 2005 is a greatly valued effort.

2005 Françoise et Denis Clair, St.Aubin 1er Murgers des Dents de Chien
The aromas start in a surprisingly floral/perfumed vein, slowly becoming more sedate with a faintly ripe yellow fruit and there are still hints of the almonds of it’s youth. Dense and ripe flavours that finish with a little agrumes. There’s plenty of fat and just enough acidity to balance. Certainly a very rich performance but very drinkable after a little aeration. I normally have in mind feminine adjectives with white wines, but there’s a builder’s muscle in here.
Rebuy – Yes

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