2000 méo-camuzet clos st.philibert + remoissenet 92 chassagne 1er morgeot


Well shiver me timbers – first a HCdN that was actually a far nicer drink than the 01 Jadot Criots of last week – ouch! Then a ’92 Chassagne that was even better!

2000 Méo-Camuzet, Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Nuits Clos St.Philibert
Medium straw/gold. The nose is warm and faintly savoury with perhaps a little honey too. Vibrant, ripe, quite enough acidity to balance the ‘fat’. This wine is now ‘just right’. Neither super complex, nor super intense, but very tasty all the same.
Rebuy – Yes

1992 Remoissenet, Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Morgeot
From a jeroboam with dinner! Golden but not oxidised – savoury, biscuity. Much more mineral and muscular than I expected – no ‘ample’ 1992 here – complex, balanced and very satisfying. I ‘needed’ 3 more glasses…
Rebuy – Yes

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. Mark Gough29th March 2010 at 7:48 pmPermalinkReply


    Intrigued to see your note on the 2000 Philibert. I guzzled my way through a case of this, same vintage, 2/3 years ago over several months & thoroughly enjoyed all 12 bottles. It was drinking very nicely then too – your note seems in line my dodgy memory.

    Have bought it in 06 but that’s still in store – was looking at taking the plunge on the 08 the otehr day as well.

    Bit off topic but have you tried Meo-Cam’s 08 Bourgogne Rouge ? Have never had this BR in any vintage but am toying with diversifying away from other usual BR’s.

    Am starting to also think were to re 2010 vendange ‘berth’ – as last year the quandary is somewhere new or somewhere as before. The Arlaud family in Morey is the attraction for now – that Clos St Denis was some terroir.

    How are you managing the dog walking with damaged hand ?

    • billn30th March 2010 at 5:34 amPermalinkReply

      Hi Mark.
      I think I still have a couple of bottles of this and the 01 (or could be 02!) – I think it’s drinking better than a couple of years ago – better integrated than the last bottle anyway. Not tasted any M-C 08s though.

      Well if you go back to Morey I’m sure Christine will be disappointed 😉 I tasted her 08s with her on Thursday – I’m smitten by the Ille des Vergelesses, though the 78 Bressandes was rather special too 😉

      The hand is no problem in that respect, as I’m married to a dog walker – I just have the wear the dodgy glove for another 2 weeks. Maybe I should personalise it – hmm, the choices – Judas Priest or Michael Jackson style….

  2. Mark Gough30th March 2010 at 8:15 pmPermalinkReply

    Thanks for the reply.

    Wish, seriously, I could have joined you at D-F – you lucky, lucky thing ! In thinking about Morey I’ve really been much ‘torn’ because the Dubreuil-Gruere-Fontaine family were so fantastic to me last Sept. But the 08 experience was equally great and the convivial evenings post vendange were a few of us lodging vendangeurs gathered for dinner with Herve and Romain will live long in the memory. Herve has to be one of my all time favourite people – an absolutely great bloke.

    Christine’s mother and father are THE most lovely couple – did I mention last year how, on the morning I was leaving, Annie (Christine’s mum) insisted on making me a packed lunch for the autoroute ? It was extremely kind & very touching, as was Bernard coming in to the refectory as I was leaving to give me a tissue wrapped 06 Clos Berthet PC Blanc, this in addition to the vendangeur gift I’d already had.

    I liked Christine a lot, and still do of course, but was never really sure what she thought of me and found her a little aloof, shy, or just business like. That said the New Year e-cards of a frost covered wintry Pernand from Corton-Charlemagne she and her mother sent me separately were also very touching and meant a great deal.

    In pure business / cash terms though Christine deducted 14 euros a day for board and lodging which I thought was a bit “off” as Aralud didn’t – although Christine’s accomodation was way superior particularly the “bathroom” facilities which were ‘character building’ , and not for Trip Advisor’ at Arlaud!!

    But, come on, you can’t mention the 08’s and say nothing else – pray, tell me more or will that be in your Spring report ? What were the Sous Fretille, Clos Berthet and Volnay like as well as the GC’s ? Bet the whites were fab ? Did you get a chance to try anything 09 from barrel etc ? Is there any view or cautious comment on the 09’s ? How on earth did you come to taste the 78 Bressandes ? Am trying to think if we had that – recall an 83 wine one evening but can’t recall which one it was.

    Sorry for all the questions – you got me going !!!

    On the glove – no contest, can’t be Michael Jackson and am glad you didn’t mention Alvin Stardust !!!! Has to be Judas Priest on that basis – how about a posed glove wearing photo in the vines somewhere ?????

    • billn31st March 2010 at 4:40 amPermalinkReply

      Alvin! I can’t believe I forgot Alvin!

      Notes in the burgundy report in a couple of weeks, but I ‘only’ tasted Savigny Vergelesses, PV Ille de Vergelesses, Aloxe Vercots and Corton Bresandes (08+78)

      I had a few offers to taste 09 but declined. I tasted a few in December and January and basically – so what – without malos they are just fruit juice. I’m surprised so many people (one one hand) are offering tastes of 09 whilst (on the other) complaining about the hype for 09 messing up their chance to sell 08s…

      [Steps down from soapbox…]

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