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There are few links that I’ve been meaning to pass on to you. First Clive Coates has had a Spring-Clean on his website, everything’s a little tidier now, and some of the menus that didn’t work in all browsers seem better. There are interesting entries marked ‘December’ in his news page.

Second, and a must, take a look at some of Vincent Dancer’s pictures that he’s going to exhibit at the end of January.

Finally, nice…

guardian-logoEveryone laughs at over-the-top wine writing, and they’re right. Fine+Rare merchants of London email me frequently, even though I have never bought a single bottle from them, nor could afford one. Here’s this week’s offer from Domaine Faiveley in Burgundy: “Chambertin Clos de Bèze. £560 per case of six. Needs work to coax from the glass …”

How do you coax a wine from the glass? “Come here little wine – don’t worry, I’m not going to drink you!”

It may be in contrast to the Mazis-Chambertin, a cheap little wine at just £380 for six bottles. “Jumps out of the glass … ” Clearly a trollop of a wine, possibly one that goes out clubbing with the Clos des Cortons, a trashy £285 for six: “a touch tart, perhaps”.

I do feel inspired, though. “This is a wine that puts it about, in a pathetic attempt to win cheap popularity. Not a wine to take home to your mother …”
Simon Hoggart, The Guardian, 9 January 2010

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. Mark Gough12th January 2010 at 9:02 pmPermalinkReply


    Met Vincent Dancer last evening at Justerini’s 08 Burg tasting at The Institute of Civil Engineers Building, Westminster.

    Whilst enjoying his excellent wines & for me, maybe surprisingly, his Meursault Corbins made the biggest impression of his 4 whites on offer (BB, Corbins, C-M Tete du Clos and Meursault Perrieres) I mentioned how impressed I’ve always been by his blog photos. I was intrigued by what camera he uses and asking him was amazed when he reached around to his jacket hanging on a chair behind him and pulled out a well used & very small looking Panasonic Lumix. I say amazed as whilst I believe the Lumix range is very strong, and dont know what model Vincent’s was (it certainly wasn’t newish), I’d always thought he might have a semi professional SLR set up but not a bit of it. He smiled at my surprise and made a gesture to his pocket and comment as to how useful a small digital camera was dan les vignes, cuverie, out and about etc ! I’m now all the more impressed. He comes across as a super guy and his wine are pretty damn good as well. Not sure what Jancis Robinson next to us made of our chat on photography and which also covered a shared love of the Tete du Clos and La Romanee terroirs from the nature perspective including likes of sparrow hawks, other birds, and wildlife in the wooded parts.

    Oh, I also got the Faively email despite never having bought from them . My reaction was rather different – one of just wishing I had the cash, mouth watering at all the wines !!!

    • billn14th January 2010 at 9:14 amPermalinkReply

      Hi Mark,
      Yes the Panasonic LX3 has been beckoning me for a long time – I guess it’s even shouting now with your news of Vincent – I’d always assumed he used a DSLR…

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