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Here’s a relatively unusual occurrence; somebody actually sent me some wine to review! I’m in an awkward place to send wine to – as I found out from my ‘friendly’ customs and excise bill – €40 for 2 ‘free’ bottles – ie more than the cost of buying the bottles! Anyway, I thought you should be aware of this departure from the norm so that you can more easily factor-in any bias that might have occurred due to the unexpected ‘bottle cost’ 😉

I really don’t get that far south in Burgundy very often, so first, a short introduction, verbatim from the domaine themselves:

Domain Description:
Domaine du Chalet Pouilly founded in 1850 is a family business for over 100 years, and produces two 100%-Chardonnay: Pouilly Fuissé and Saint Véran. The 8 hectare property is shared by Pouilly Fuissé and Saint Véran.
Domaine du Chalet Pouilly practices traditional wine-growing methods, respecting the “terroir” in order to bring out the superior quality of its wine flavors. Domaine du Chalet Pouilly’s philosophy is to allow nature to express itself through the vinification process in order to create high-quality, rich-flavored wines with a rustic touch.
Pouilly Fuissé: A dry 100%-Chardonnay white wine with a golden color and green glints that brings a mineral bouquet of nice floral touches.
Saint Véran: Made with 100%-Chardonnay grapes with a light yellow (thanks to the old vineyards) color and an elegant, fruity scent.
In 1983, Henri Plumet passed his estate to his daughter, Marie-Agnès Plumet, and her husband, Bernard Léger who presently run Domaine du Chalet Pouilly.
Dr Bernard Léger-Plumet graduated with a Medical Degree and started his career in Solutre-Pouilly as a “village doctor”. His wife Marie-Agnes Léger-Plumet earned her pharmaceutical degree in 1971. In order to further expand the family business, both Marie-Agnès and Dr Léger-Plumet gave up their medical careers and devoted all their time to the estate. Their passion and interest for wine grew stronger over the years, eventually leading them to change their career paths. In 1984, Dr. Léger-Plumet completed a degree in Oenology inDijon, France. Marie-Agnes received her agricultural certificate in 2004. Since 2008 Dr. Léger-Plumet is a member of “La Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin”.

2008 Domaine du Chalet Pouilly, St.Veran
Medium-pale yellow. A forward and wide nose of ripe fruit covered by a twist of yellow-lemon – it’s very pretty. Starts with a little petillance, then there’s a nice burst of energy in the mid-palate – no doubt invigorated a little by the gas. The texture smooths as the gas departs, a good core of tight fruit is the reward. Clean, correct, balanced and pretty – not forgetting, also very tasty.
Rebuy – Yes

2007 Domaine du Chalet Pouilly, Pouilly-Fuissé
The aromas clearly evoke the best villages of Côte de Beaune; creamy, vanilla patisserie aromas that perfectly dovetail with a lemony essence. This fills the mouth very nicely with high-toned fruit flavours, and lovely acidity that promotes very good length. The mid-palate is a little narrower than the aromas and flavours suggest, i.e that suggestion of Puligny, but the rest of this wine does a very good impression indeed. A wannabee wine, rather than a correct Pouilly? Who-cares, it was delicious…
Rebuy – Yes

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