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1995 Maison Leroy, Bourgogne
Medium ruby-red with and edge of salmon pink. Sweet raisin, slightly resinous aromas, eventually a beacon of pure, red berry fruit. In the mouth there’s a warm red fruit base and very good acidity – the texture is plusher than you’d expect for the label. There’s still some grain to the tannin and even a hint of astringency. The finish is medium at best, but overall this is a compelling wine that I’m convinced if served to you blind, you’d be guessing higher appellations. This wine starts with both aromas and flavours of maturity bvut they fade to more primary elements so I’ll try and leave my remaining bottle at least another 5 years.
Rebuy – Yes

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  1. James26th September 2009 at 11:18 amPermalinkReply

    Enjoying the Bourgogne series, keep it up. I was amazed that a 1995 such as this hadn’t dried out. But then that speaks of the quality and bargain for money that Bourgognes from good producers are. By the way, have you tried Domaine Bize’s Bourgogne ‘les Perrieres’? It punches way above its weight and, like some of the other Bourgognes you’ve tasted, you’d swear it was at least a village wine if tasted blind.

  2. bmcq27th September 2009 at 12:32 amPermalinkReply

    What I find so noteworthy is the metamorphisis of the Leroy bourgogne from a tight almost vinegary astringency at opening to a lovely, floral fruit and depth in the space of a half an hour. These have been a cornerstone of my modest cellar in the 95, 96 and 99.

  3. billn27th September 2009 at 9:41 amPermalinkReply

    James – that’s a hell of a long entry to get to your tasting note! 😉

    bmcq – Isn’t the ’96 a beauty? I have no 99 I’m afraid, but the 96 is perfect now and the 95 could easily benefit from a few more years slumber. I’ve a couple of singletons in the cellar; 93 & 90, I’m not really moved to end their presence just yet!

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