2009 harvest – wednesday 9th sept

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Today’s update:

To be honest, the sun is causing some problems – I may have to resort to sunscreen! At Maison Giroud we brought in some 1er cru Beaune yesterday – a little ahead of most of our other vines because there is some disease – oïdium on one side of the parcel – but the main reason was the ripeness, 13% potential alcohol and, more important, pH at 3.5 + skins and seeds are ripe. From what I’ve seen so far, that may be the only serious triage of the vintage. Today we brought in the first grapes for Domaine des Croix – Beaune 1er Cent Vignes – they look fantastic, we’ve definitely not seen this quality since 2005. I’m watching the whites very carefully and will probably bring in my first parcel tomorrow – the acidities are currently fine, but the sun is causing it to drop quite quickly, it will take care to balance the ripeness and acidity. For the majority of parcels the only negative about harvesting today would be that the pinot currently has quite a lot of juice – possibly due to last week’s rain, but just as much a characteristic of the vintage. So it will be the weekend before we have the big push and hopefully a little of that liquid will have evaporated – certainly it will mainly be next week for the Côte de Nuits vines.
David Croix, Maison Camille Giroud, Domaine des Croix

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