06 lucie & auguste lignier morey st.denis vieilles vignes

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2006 L et A Lignier, Morey St.Denis Vieilles Vignes
2006 Lucie et Auguste Lignier, Morey St.Denis Vieilles Vignes

I like the development of the branding here. The shell at the centre of the label, inter-twined with the scripted ‘L’ has remained constant, but the whole design now has more integrity end elegance. There is also a nice working of the capsule with the domaine name on the collar – but enough of such peripheral things – what about the wine? Well I was thinking of a ‘Rebuy – No’ for the first hour, but the wine really turned on the charm and turned around my vote after aeration…

2006 Lucie et Auguste Lignier, Morey St.Denis Vieilles Vignestry to find this wine...
Medium, medium-plus colour. For over one hour there’s a slightly reductive, foisty cardboard behind the fruit – it’s not TCA and it’s not on the palate. Slowly the fruit comes to the fore and 99% covers the cardboard – and it’s lovely fruit – red-black and edged with a little toffee and old-vine cream. In the mouth it needs about 30 minutes to build to a decent level of concentration and nice texture, there’s also a good lick of ripe tannin in and around the mid-palate. Depth of fruit and a nice finish. One third of the bottle was saved for day 2 – and it turned out really well – no strange smells, just brilliant red berry fruit and creamy depth, really super. I blame some reduction for the initial aroma note, as the oxygenation certainly cured it!
Rebuy – Yes

For Info: I ran this by Kellen Lignier, and she confirmed that she bottles with a lot of carbon dioxide and recommends at least 1 hour of aeration/decanting – for the next bottle, ‘will-do’!

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