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TypingMonkeyI just wanted to share with you a short note on contributions to these diary pages.

The early Burgundy Reports had a ‘guest text’ section which despite having fallen by the wayside in last couple of years, it remains open and available to potential/latent contributors. Outside of that, it’s really only the two reports of Bruce Palling and Peter Sidebotham that covered DRC 2006 that haven’t been written by me – I’m not anticipating much change there, but let’s see!

Regarding these ‘diary’ pages, things are certainly more flexible. Whether it’s Ray’s ‘how to start a domaine/new life’, Peter’s bottles – with the odd etranger among them – or some of Rusty’s insights into another world of pinot noir, it’s all stuff that I like to read. Maybe I will get the chance to add even more contributions/contributors so not to leave you on the monotonous drip of ‘today’s bottle is…’ If you have ideas, get in touch!

That’s it!
Note, it should be even easier to differentiate who has written what (hopefully it’s not hard now) when I finally get round to updating the site design a little – nothing too generic of course !

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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