alex gambal 2006 chambolle 1er les amoureuses

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Alex Gambal's 2006 Chambolle-Musigny Les Amoureuses
Alex Gambal's 2006 Chambolle-Musigny Les Amoureuses

2006 Alex Gambal, Chambolle-Musigny 1er Les Amoureusestry to find this wine...
Started high-toned and diffuse – ouch, what’s happened here? – but 10 minutes in and the glass brings an ever-widening and ever-deepening palate of notes; deep, full, lightly sugar-coated cherries, swirling releases higher tones too – that’s more like it! In the mouth the first sip is also a little disconcerting, but following the path set by the nose, it fills out very nicely indeed – a broad range of flavours that amply fill the mouth. The fruit has none of the slightly distracting savoury element found in the Chambolle Charmes, but seems just a hint less ripe (no issue, just an observation), like-wise the tannin is finer, but clings a little harder to your gums as you exit the mid-palate for the finish – it just about falls short of being called astringent – how about astringent-ish(?) Very long, though just now, much of that length is barrel flavour. A very different kettle of fish to the 2005 which was a fulsome and brazen ‘drink me now’ type of wine – this one should be allowed to slumber – if I had any more ‘bottles’ I’d make another test in about 2016, but I don’t, so the magnums will have to wait until 2020!
Rebuy – Yes

In my original tasting notes, I said you may have to buy both this and the Chambolle Charmes – I’m glad I did!

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