pierre guillemot savigny-serpentières 1er cru


pierre guillemot savigny-serpentières 1er cru

2005 Pierre Guillemot, Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Sepentièrestry to find this wine...
Medium, medium plus colour. The nose needs about 1 hour before it starts to become interesting; always clean but initially inconsequential, it gradually acquires gravitas with quality red fruit over a faint base of coffee. The palate starts quite roughly – carbon dioxide is to blame. Like-wise an hour from opening it is velvety, with plenty of kind tannin and good forward acidity. It is narrow in the mid-palate and narrows further into the finish. I would suggest this as being rather tight. From being uncouth and ‘short’ in the first 30 minutes to becoming ever-more engaging, this wine slowly won me over. Probably 80/100 if freshly opened at a big tasting, 90 if you are prepared to sit, wait and negotiate. I’d leave remaining bottles at least 6-8 years.
Rebuy – Yes

You can even see a video of Pierre Guillemot in Jacques Perrin’s blog-page

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