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Update 7.7.2009(20.11.2008)billn

Our itinery took in a few days in Havana and a few days at the beach plus a 2-day unexpected 500km detour to the west to avoid the rage of hurricane Paloma. As an aside, Thomas Cook (Deutschland) decided to move us for safety’s sake, whereas Thomas Cook (UK) left all their UK customers in the hotel that was (in theory) in the path of Paloma…

A quick summary?

Well, there’s so much history associated with the place, and the architechture in Havana that’s still standing (nothing to do with Paloma!) is fantastic – but that’s a small proportion! The people are super – plenty of hustling but a simple no thanks brings an ‘okay, enjoy your day’ and off they trott. In the city you seem to be able to walk around wherever you like at whatever time you like – no worries. Oh, and the beaches are super!

Any complaints? Well the food tends to be quite bland despite the proximity of the sea, and service also tends to be amateuristic. Overall it was worth the trip.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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