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berry bros and rudd 1909 price-listRather than (as intended) smoking my keyboard with prose for next weekend’s scheduled Autumn issue of the Burgundy Report, I seem to have spent a whole day trying to catch up on what’s gone on over the last 3 weeks. First I particularly like the post on the Berry Bros weblog that commemorates their 1909 price-list whilst launching the 2009 version.

I didn’t check the 2009 numbers, but I assume they’re higher! Interesting that (below) Romanée-Conti is not so expensive relative to the other (latent) grand crus – I wonder if they still have some of that Chambertain, Clos St.Jacques in the cellar – it’s not impossible – as it sounds rather interesting…

berry bros and rudd 1909 burgundy pricelist
berry bros and rudd 1909 burgundy pricelist

So what else have I spotted(?) Well there’s a nice piece on the 2008 vintage from David Clark here. Note that his perspective is one of a ‘central Côte de Nuits’ producer so as valuable a data-point as it is, it’s only a small part of the 2008 story – I’ll expand next weekend in the new issue.

So what else do we have? Well, amongst others, I’m sure you will need a wine investment strategy! – though I’m not sure it’s appropriate for the scentedBitch Goddess Of Grapes‘, despite good performance in New Zealand, particularly as fine wine prices hit new lows – perhaps the Leroy ‘brand‘ is an antidote(?) but I doubt it given the offer on 1993 Leroys that hit my inbox last week! Clearly wine karma needs improving for most if not all people!

alberic bichotWhile I was away there was the Hospices de Beaune auction. That was bad timing on my part as I was in possession of two lovely invitations to visit and taste old wines – you can’t win them all I suppose. Anthony Hanson’s description of the wines as coming from a ‘Burgundy lover’s vintage’ – well he would wouldn’t he(?) – didn’t help very much, despite them being very pretty wines, but Maison Albert Bichot certainly put their money where their mouth is, and didn’t Albéric look dapper!

It was nice to see someone talking about real Beaujolais whilst I was away – not just once, but twice – so far I’ve avoided the marketing efforts of the ‘nouveau-ers’. Even more surprising is the public discovery of two new regions in burgundy – the Mâconnais and Chalonaise!

I think that’s enough tenuous linking for 1 day…

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. Jack Everitt24th November 2008 at 4:08 amPermalinkReply

    Those prices are pretty meaningless without knowing that 60p is equal to about 20 pounts now.

    • billn24th November 2008 at 7:43 amPermalinkReply

      Hi Jack.
      I showed the list a)for a bit of fun, and b)to illustrate that the grand crus traded in relatively a narrower price-band back then – whilst many vines were being ripped up at the peak of the phylloxera ravage. Even your 60p then = £20 today (though I’m impressed you know it) will help few of the audience – because you’ve given no relation to the alien concept of the ‘shilling’ or ‘/-‘.

      For readers who don’t know. In old, pre-decimalisation (1971) UK currency, 20 shillings equalled £1. So using Jack’s relative conversion, 1/- would now be worth £1.66, so the estate bottled 1895 Romanée-Conti sold for the equivalent of about £250 for 12 bottles – which make’s Jack’s conversion rate seem more than a little underestimated. From a purchase power parity (PPP) perspective I’ve seen a general figure of about 60x which is nearer double your estimate – but that would still be ‘only’ £450 per 12 bottles. Clearly there are multiple other factors…

  2. Phil Eaves24th November 2008 at 8:13 pmPermalinkReply

    Hey Bill I’d jump at the Chambertin Clos St Jacques at 60 bob guess you can tell I’m old enough to remember 12 old pennies to the bob/shilling. Anyway I have seen bottles of Clos St Jacques labelled like this from the 50’s well after AOC but I guess it has been eradicated by the mind police by now ?

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