low price – bourgogne or beaujolais?

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2006 girardin bourgogne pinot noir vieilles vignes

The packaging is great. The expectation it sets also; Pinot Noir Les Vieilles Vignes. The price is not exceptional for a bourgogne, in fact at 20 Swiss francs it’s far from cheap. Let’s be clear, this is a nice tasty wine but tastes like Beaujolais not pinot – and not a stunning Beaujolais – a top crus Beaujolais can be cheaper and certainly ‘better’. Incredibly disappointing, the laurels easily sit with the Beaujolais in this case.
2006 Vincent Girardin, Bourgogne Pinot Noir Les Vieilles Vignestry to find this wine...
Medium, medium-plus cherry-red. The nose is fruity, a little gassy and smells like cheap Beaujolais. Sweetly ripe, quite well balanced with a small edge of dissolved gas. Good length. Tastes like Beaujolais. Rock-stable for 2 hours.
Rebuy – No

foillard morgon 2005 cuvée corceletteClearly above I used the term ‘cheap beaujolais’ above as a negative, but that’s a) because cheap beaujolais is usually not so nice, and b) because I was expecting the Girardin wine to taste like pinot noir – come to think of it, not just pinot noir, but pinot noir vieilles vignes!

As a balm, here is a ‘real’ Beaujolais, admittedly costing 4 Swiss francs per bottle more, but it’s a great bottle and the additional investment is amply rewarded!

2005 Foillard, Morgon Cuvée Corcelettetry to find this wine...
The table-top is a mess; it looks great, but the red wax capsule is far from user friendly! Medium-plus cherry-red. Wide, faintly spicy, dark-skinned fruit. Quite big in the mouth and very smooth. The acidity creeps up on you because you’re initially engrossed by the sweet fruit, but it sweeps you into a good finish. There’s a fine intensity in the mid-palate. Super wine.
Rebuy – Yes

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