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At 10 September, the grapes were continuing to ripen in the vineyards of Burgundy. The maturation stage was reached at the beginning of September. Maturation is when the grapes change colour (most visible on the Pinot Noir grape) before starting to ripen.
Since then, the grapes have been ripening nicely, increasing in sweetness and losing acidity. Consequently, the first grapes are unlikely to be cut (for still wines) before 20 September. Vineyards producing Burgundy Crémants (sparkling) could begin harvesting a few days earlier.
Quantity forecasts for the 2008 harvest are average: a little over 1.5 million hectolitres, according to estimates by the Technique and Quality Centre of the Interprofessional Bureau of Burgundy Wines. This is a level comparable to the two previous vintages. It is too early to judge the quality of this year’s vintage… for that we must wait for the results of the first vinifications!

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