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Update 26.8.2008(25.8.2008)billn


Vincent Laforet’s image stolen from this super Newsweek page.

Congratulations to China; they certainly had no cash/personnel resource issues for the Olympic Games, but that’s not the same as delivering, and they delivered! Sport was the clear winner – apart from Taekwondo maybe…

What about human rights? Well frankly ‘the west’s’ higher ground is very shaky from the self-interest vantage points of Iraq and Georgia, though I do tend to side with Dan Wetzel ripping into IOC president Jacques Rogge for his naïve criticism and targeting of Usain Bolt’s antics after winning his medals – I loved every minute of it – it seemed Usain’s (non-competitive) competitors did too. The wider issues remained under the table!

Lastly, what the hell was that dirty green bus all about – I liked the music, but then I’m ‘old’ 😉 It looks like the world is in for a culture shock in London 2012. I suppose that you also noticed that Boris seems to be perfecting an impression of a buffoon, that, or he thinks he looks like Winston Churchill (aged 75) with hand in pocket…

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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