dugat-py 2005 chambertin, telesales with a difference…


dugat-py chambertinMy phone rang in the office this afternoon.  Once the lady accommodated me by agreeing to switch from Swiss-German to ‘High’-German, it transpired that she had 1 remaining bottle (from four) of Dugat-Py’s 2005 Chambertin for sale.  ‘As there was such a demand’, would I like to bid for it based on a starting price of 980 Sfr the bottle(?)

In the context of the 2005 market, that is currently an ‘okay’ price, though as we can see from the entry below about 2005 naysayers, who is to say it will remain that way.

I decided to stick with my lonely bottle of his 2004 Chambertin – besides I need food this month…

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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