I was planning to write a few notes on the 2007’s for the next burgundy report – another 2 weeks? – but there are too many requests on the subject to ignore.  Briefly you only need to look here to see what the winemakers were up against in the vintage, but moving onto what’s in barrel:

Life is relatively easy here, not too many problems with the grapes but there was some botrytis in a number of plots.  The whites have the necessary freshness and it seems quite some depth too – the good run for white burgundy continues (ignoring post-bottling issues).  On average it seems that the whites will exceed the quality of the reds.

I will naturally restrict my commentary to those that made a good selection of grapes.  Since the turn of the year, and in both Côtes, the wines have been about fruit, fruit and fruit – soft and red and very comely.  They have been very attractive but without great weight or structure.  Post malo and resting on their lees they have slowly put on weight – many have become quite serious, particularly in the grand appellations of the Côte de Nuits.  Using that terrible phrase ‘on average’ they will be for drinking before their counterparts from 2006 and certainly 2005 but should exceed the quality of the 2004’s.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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