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Two articles from Mr Asimov:

And one more from the NYTimes

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  1. bmcq5th June 2008 at 3:20 pmPermalinkReply

    M. Asimov’s article is interesting and reasoned.
    I’m not in any real position to argue the truth or lack thereof regarding the improved consistency since I really only had my burgundy epiphany circa 1988.

    In my limited experience there are wild variations in burgundy from vintners to vintages and even bottle to bottle. Is this any different from bordeaux? Or shall we extoll the virtues of the consistency of a fine Cali box wine?

    Whether the ‘burgundy consistency’ topic should bunch your knickers to the extent that the thepoor bloggists do seems a bit flimsey.

    What is evident in that and many other pages is that when given a wheel, an axe will be ground. Yours tr00ly included, especially regarding cost of my favorites.

    Hopefully after the splitting sessions we can retire for a decent glass or two.

    A sante’!

  2. bill nanson7th June 2008 at 8:10 amPermalinkReply

    I suppose cost is a daily reminder. My salary has had a very modest increase in the last years – so the proportion I have for essentials (wine) is relatively stable. To drink the same number of bottles, I now mainly drink villages and to a much lesser extent, 1ers and GC’s – 5 years ago it was closer to 1:1:1.

    On RMP I actually chose to post the links without comment, but to add my own 2 cents to the hyperbole; the bee in my bonnet is objectivity – or the apparent lack of it.

    RMP was never so openly negative about the region when he used to visit – let’s say the 1980’s until Rovani – as he is now. His 1990 book (Burgundy) is a good book with a realistic outlook. Since then, the average vintage quality (weather) has been way better and the average number of quality producers has also gone up in a big way. By any objective measure, there is more decent wine now than 20 years ago (ignoring p.ox – but RMP refers to red) – yet the ‘advocate’ has gone in the opposite direction.

    That is simply not objective – and I don’t think his excellent current writer (David Schlidknecht) would agree either.

    Re the wines, the old rule of thumb still applies; drink within 2 years of bottling or wait for maturity – anything in between is still far from a ‘crap shoot’ but disappointments will be on a higher level – it was ever thus. Just look how the 05’s are starting to become unfriendly, and that’s about 1 year earlier than typical.

  3. Bruce McQuistan8th June 2008 at 2:13 pmPermalinkReply

    I find it bizarre how stiltedly the RMP trumpet blares the virtues of Bordeaux. It may be a matter of taste or perhaps a bad taste left years ago (here I refer to the case where RMP was sued for insinuating that a significant Burgundy producer had swapped samples). In any case, it seems there’s an ax to be ground.

    As far as income matching red burg price increases, I salute your performance. Mine has lagged in lieu of choosing to change jobs in order to increase family time. Plus the $ is tanking.

    On that note, I’m called to dress a pink thing.

  4. jeff13th June 2008 at 1:28 amPermalinkReply

    its all been said before and I truly believe those who can not comprehend the complexities and wonder of burgundy, were not meant to get it and maybe bordeaux is just that simple… All you have to know is amount of oak, heat and parker’s opinion and your good to go and things sell…The grapes of bordeaux require no attention unlike the grapes of burgundy ….

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